Branding and design for skin-care brand called "warew" which means “Japanese Style”. "warew" is careful in selecting domestic and natural materials and aims to be a new standard for Japanese beauty. We chose a deep vermilion and pure white as brand colors, because of the composite of a shiromuku, a white dress kimono, which is used when the women is known as being the most beautiful, a bride. These colors represent Japanese beauty. The Symbol mark illustrates how to extract the essence of Japanese beauty, symbolized by the national flag symbol. It also looks like a hand mirror which is strongly related to the beauty of women. The products are designed from the behavior of Japanese women. warew's concept is made to expresses your inner beauty while you use their skin care products. Your behavior changes naturally, dignified and beautiful because you find your center of gravity, like it does when you put on the "obi". This brand is derived from the Japanese unique aesthetic "wabi-sabi" which is the idea that beauty exists in simplicity or in the invisible spirit.



Art Direction
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Takeshi Kawano)
Graphic Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Takeshi Kawano)
Masaharu Hatta (products, hands, and woman dressed in a kimono), 
Takeshi Kawano (packages, exhibition space)

NOSIGNER™ : social design for evolution.

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