To celebrate the diversity of relationships.

In a modern society where different values ​​coexist, different types of relationships are transcending nationalities and genders. For instance, nowadays, marriage as a form of love does not only limited to male and female couples. It also applies to same-sex marriages and other diverse partnerships, including the LGBTQ community. The traditional concept of engagements and marriages has expanded. All these relationships are equally precious and should not be measured by laws and customs from countries and societies. We questioned with what methods could we choose and express our own will freely in any relationship.


Rings symbolizing new relationships.

Launched by Natsuko Shiraki from the ethical jewelry brand HASUNA, and Shinpei Takagi from the Creative Company NEW PEACE, "Re.ing (ring)" was once a jewelry piece that  protected oneself against evil vision, and is now a powerful symbol for people who want to live freely and a blessing for diverse relationships that we have today. Being in charge of the collection, we embodied the brand's vision and celebrated various relationships with four different rings. "LITTLE RAINBOW," which was inspired by different forms of love; "DEARMOND," a personal connection beyond life and death; "PETTIE," a blessing between humans and their pets; and finally, "KEPPAN," a special bond formed between friends who share the same value. 

エシカルジュエリーブランド「HASUNA」の白木夏子さん、クリエイティブカンパニー「NEW PEACE」の高木新平さんらによって立ち上げられた「Re.ing(リング)」は、かつて邪視から身を守るために存在した“ジュエリー“を通じて、 自由に生きようとする人々の心の武器をつくり、現代の多様な関係性を祝福するジュエリーブランドです。Re.ingのプロダクトデザインを担うこととなった私たちは、多様な愛の形からインスパイアされた「LITTLE RAINBOW」、生死を超えた人と人のつながりをテーマにした「DEARMOND」、人間とペットという種族を超えた関係性を祝福する「PETTIE」、同じ想いを共有する仲間同士の絆の証となる「KEPPAN」という4つのリングの製作を通して、現代の多様な関係性を祝福するというブランドのヴィジョンを具現化しています。

"LITTLE RAINBOW" is a ring that was inspired by various forms of love beyond genders and nationalities. The two rings, iris and lilac, reflect different colors, and the shades changes depending on the light. When the ring combines, a rainbow appears inside. It symbolizes the differences in human and shows respects to diverse and beautiful relationships.

LITTLE RAINBOWは、性別や国籍にとらわれない多様な愛の形からインスパイアされ、生まれたリングです。内側には「人間の多様性」を象徴するレインボーが輝き、持ち主の心に多様で美しい関係性を尊重する気持ちがあることを表現しています。アイリスとライラックの2つのリングはそれぞれ異なるカラーを持ち、光の当たり具合によってさまざまな色合いに変化し、両者が合わさることでひとつの虹が現れます。

"DEARMOND" is inspired by the connections beyond life and death. The gorgeously shining diamond is the only kind of diamond in the world that is made of carbons from hairs and bones. One can always feel the presence of their loved one, and the ring served as a remembrance of someone important. The circle embedded in the ring symbolizes an eternal and steady bond.


"PETTIE" is based on the connection between humans and their pets. The rings are made from tin, which is soft and bendable by hand, fitting gently onto the body. The ribbon, which also became the design motif, represents supporting minds and symbolizes supporting partnerships.


"KEPPAN" is inspired by the "blood case," in which Samurais swore to each other by cutting their fingers and pressing their blood together, or let the blood fell on their signature to seal their kinship. By using the fingerprints of each ring owner, we visualize the data as the design. This ring expresses the firm connection and protection to those who share the same belief.


Forming new relationships through rings. 

Each project developed by Re.ing attracted attention through various media platforms, and the brand concept become so successful with extensive supports from fundraising and crowdfunding. New relationships are created through these rings every day. To expand the product lineup, Re.ing will start to share information through media platforms and holding events. Moreover, it strives to foster the brand community that will continue to work on celebrating the world with various relationships.


Product Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Daichi Komatsu)
NEWPEACE Inc. (Noriaki Fukushima, moya)

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