How could we approach a long-established company in Kyoto to update their present day value?

Nishiri is a well-established company of traditional Kyoto pickles. They have been selling in various department stores all over Japan as a popular brand. Development of pickles using "labre lactic acid bacteria" was derived from plants discovered from "Suguki" (a Japanese turnip like vegetable) of Kyoto pickles. Utilizing this, we worked on various development on pickles, this brand is known for quickly proposing a healthy lifestyle with fermented foods. Although pickles have always been a staple in Japanese meals, this custom has been gradually disappearing along with the times. We questioned how we could update the value of Kyoto's long-established company of fermented foods for the people today.


We brought fermented foods and the everyday lifestyle closer together.

We to rebranded NISHIRI's brand "Hakko Seikatsu" (meaning "Fermentation Lifestyle" in Japanese), providing fermented foods using healthy vegetable lactic acid bacteria called "Labre lactic acid bacteria". As by the brand name, with the topic of bringing fermented foods and everyday life closer together, we are deeply involved in product development to accelerate innovation from this long-established company. As a part of this process, we are in the midst of developing products such as the developing the concept of the main product "AMACO" that is a lactic acid fermented drink, to sauces that you can immediately use on the spot without cooking, to lineups that can be used for daily meals. In addition, in order to easily convey the concept of the brand of bringing fermented foods into our daily lives to live a beautiful and healthy lifestyle, we used kanji that could be recognized easily. We also created the logo that used bubbles that indicated the fermentation process, designed within a frame.


In order to express that the brand provides a healthy lifestyle through fermented foods in a straightforward manner, we used the words in Minchotai font to be easily read. Furthermore, be creating the logo surrounding the words with bubbles, we expressed how the body circulation flows better in result of fermented goods. In this way we showed the way in which the brand will continuously change in a dynamic way.


Aiming for the company to last over a thousand years and push for change.

At "Hakko Seiktatsu AMACO stand", "Kobo Nishiri" is installed in Kyoto station, where it has now become a popular spot for tourists and business people from all over the world to stop by and have a taste of the lactic acid fermented drinks. We are looking into creating more opportunities for people to feel more accustomed to fermented foods, as we continue to develop similar stands in various places all over Japan. Among established companies in Kyoto, in order to inherit the traditions into the future, we understand that it is necessary as a philosophy to change in line with the times. NISHIRI has protected Kyoto traditions of fermented foods and Kyoto pickles. We further aim for this company to last over a thousand years, working on corporate transformations through brands and products, for "Hakko Seikatsu" to lead modern lifestyle.

京都駅構内の「工房西利」内に設置された「発酵生活 AMACOスタンド」では、気軽に乳酸発酵ドリンクを飲むことができ、世界各地からの観光客やビジネスマンが立ち寄る人気スポットとなっています。今後は、日本各地の駅に同様のスタンドを展開することなども見据えながら、より多くの人たちが発酵食に気軽に触れられる機会をつくっていきたいと考えています。


Kyoto, Japan
Graphic Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Toshiyuki Nakaie, Ayano Kosaka)

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