NOSIGNER directed the naming and design of the canned Asian food, “ASIAN ASI” with a new method we call "BOWL IMITATION". NOSIGNER promoted a new design format of canned food, which has never been used for designing cans before. Most of the existing food cans are designed with pictures and words printed on both the top and side, causing the product information to overlap. As for "ASIAN ASI", elements are demarcated–the top of the can is decorated with an overview picture image of the food while its sides show elements of brand appeal. It was created with an attractive design to be well displayed in stores, making people want to take a better look at the can with their hand, as if holding a bowl.

アジアの食材を用いた缶詰ブランド「ASIAN ASI」のネーミングとデザインディレクション。「BOWL IMITATION(器を模倣する缶)」という新たな手法で既存の缶詰のデザインにはない、新たな缶詰のデザインフォーマットを提案しました。既存の缶詰のデザインの多くは上面と側面に写真と文字が混在し、情報が重複していました。そこで、「ASIAN ASI」は上面に料理を俯瞰した写真を、側面にはブランド訴求の要素を配し、要素を分割しています。店頭でも美しく映え、缶詰を器のような感覚で手にしたくなるデザインに仕上がりました。

Art Direction
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
Graphic Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Toshiyuki Nakaie)
Maruha Nichiro Corporation Food 
Lyie Nitta
Product Photo
NOSIGNER (Kunihiko Sato)

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